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 Owner, Chuck Black, the Refi King, is an expert in the refinance industry! With over 20 years of experience, he has trained his team and works alongside them to ensure you get the best refinancing option available for your situation. As a mortgage brokerage, ZenLoans also gives you infinite options of loan rates and types. With a broker, there is no tie to a specific company or product they can offer you. This gives the opportunity for ZenLoans to do the shopping on your behalf, saving you time and money. All this while putting you in the best possible position for receiving a great rate and term, based on your financial circumstance. Consultations are FREE!  With the vast knowledge of the industry your application will be submitted quickly and you will be kept well informed during the process.

Why REFINANCE  with ZenLoans?

*To Save Money- Consolidate debt, skip a monthly mortgage payment, 

lower your monthly mortgage payment, shorten the length of your loan term 

to save big on the interest payments. 

* Receive Cash- Get cash out from your new loan to pay for home improvements 

and other expenses of your choice.

* Change of Home Ownership- Remove or Add a Co-borrower to a loan without

 selling your home. For example, in cases of  marriage  or divorce.

Refinancing Loan Types We Offer


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    VA, USDA, & FHA

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